At TUFF, the focus is about placing you in the best program for your specific needs and goals.


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personal coaching

Some people may need, or just prefer, a more private and focused training atmosphere with a coach. Whether you want to work on specific personal goals, dial in technique for fundamental or complex movements, or work on a customized built nutrition plan, this is the best option for you. All one-on-one and semi-private sessions are custom built around you and your specific wants and needs. 

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Strength Training classes are designed for individuals at all fitness levels The main focus is movement and intensity. These intense group classes are programmed to increase strength and enhance your overall health.These classes have a balanced mix of strength, circuit and endurance training. If you enjoy cross-training that can be scaled around your abilities, then give our Strength classes a go.


Six Week Challenge

We offer a systematized transformation process, which involves new workouts everyday. A customized nutrition plan, where we do the thinking for you. Plus a direct line of contact with TUFF staff and other members so you have the support you need to stay accountable and successful throughout your journey. This program is designed to burn calories, increase muscle definition and overall strength. Each class is held in a coach led group setting to motivate and provide you with an exceptional fitness experience. Challenge yourself and see real results! To learn more and to see actual results of other 6 Week Challengers, click the button below - Prepare to be amazed!