What Defines an Athlete - Determination, Spirit, & Camaraderie

When we think of athletes, we might think about individuals such as Phelps, Fraser or Linden. We consider these people to be top athletes based on their achievements, commitment, and perseverance. They don’t give up; they push through obstacles to achieve greatness. In my eyes, they deserve our respect and appreciation for everything they put into their training and the pure desire to reach their dreams. But there’s another group of athlete that deserves our respect and appreciation, The Special Olympics Athlete.

I am fortunate to have met athletes from the Nashua Special Olympics (NSO), I had the privilege to help coach and workout with members of our NSO fitness program, and I might add, it is a fantastic experience. I can’t express enough how I genuinely enjoy spending time with this group. As I am writing this blog, the thought of my time in the gym with these individuals brings a massive smile to my face. 

It isn't always easy, we may have members that just aren’t feeling it that day and don’t feel like working out.  However, sometimes all you need to do is encourage and motivate, and then they start to ease into the program. But don't get me wrong, there are other days when they are absolutely on fire, and keep you on your toes. You can see the determination in their eyes, but more importantly the smiles on their faces, enjoying themselves, getting fit, and having a blast with friends. 

Earlier this summer we had the opportunity to head out to UNH, Durham and attend the Summer Special Olympics games to assist and support the athletes, who competed amazingly and brought home gold, silver and bronze medals in swimming, weightlifting, and other events. I can’t tell you how proud I was of these guys. They work for it every day, with the same determination and commitment that any top athlete holds. It is incredible to workout alongside them, in their element, where they shine as bright as any medal.

 If you would like to help to contribute to the NSO mission and their year-round sports training and athletic competition in Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities,  please join us on September 22nd  for our 2nd Annual Row-a-Thon. Jump on a team and help row 26.2K.

All money raised will go to the NSO to help fund these programs and to keep the NSO mission alive.