The Open: A Time to Push, Reflect and Improve

The CrossFit Open had an estimated 500,000 CrossFit athletes from all over the world who participated in a five-week fitness competition, testing strength, endurance, and different aspects of gymnastics.

The Open was intense, with challenging workouts over the course of five weeks. We all waited patiently for the Thursday evening announcement and depending on what the workout was we either jumped up and down for joy or we curled up in a ball and cried.

The Open also provided a window into fitness and strategy, with a view into other affiliates and their members. Not only did we get to watch RX athletes perform, but we were fortunate to see those who started CrossFit with the simple goal of having a healthier lifestyle, living longer, enjoying the time that is no longer borrowed, and finally participating in the fitness program that made reaching their goal possible. 

Many of us pushed ourselves beyond capacity and beginners jumped in and scaled the workouts, but participated and thrived liked true warriors. It was an honor to judge members of our gym and see them approach the workouts with a plan of action, pure determination and a drive that wouldn't quit. 

The Open is a time to look back over the year and gauge where you are and where you want to be. Some goals I walked away from this year include working on proper form. Knowing that with the right movement additional weight will come, or gymnastic movements will be cleaner and I will be more efficient. But my main focus is to learn to listen to my breathing and slow down my thoughts. In the midst of the excitement, I tend to lose focus. Pacing myself so that I don't get wiped out from the workout and have more concentration to approach the bar with purpose is actually my top priority.

So no matter if you RX'd the workouts or scaled. What's really important is that you did it. You showed yourself that it's possible, you learned there's more to accomplish, and you set goals for the rest of the year in order to crush those goals.