The Right Fitness Program Starts with Your Personal Goals

Start with understanding your personal goals.

The best type of fitness program for you could be a mix, depending on what your personal fitness goals are may determine the type of training program you choose.

Flexibility Training

My goal in 2017 was to increase strength and reduce my weight but in order for me to work on strength training I also had to work on my mobility, my body just wasn’t flexible. I sit at a desk all day, hunched over a keyboard and because of years of bad posture my shoulders, hips and back simply didn’t move the way I needed them to move. Sadly, I always seemed to leave out stretching. Working my range of motion (ROM) should have been a part of my warm-up and cool down from the get-go. Because of this, I needed to incorporate flexibility training in my pre and post workout routine. ROM exercises are helping me to improve my overall mobility and to learn how to control and enhance my breathing.

Endurance Training

One of my goals in 2016 was to improve my running time. Endurance and strength training helped me shave off 20 minutes from my overall time. I was pretty stoked when I got to the finish line and saw such a significant improvement in my time. By exercising specific large muscle groups for 15 minutes at a time and keeping my heart rate at about 70% of my maximum heart rate I was able to train my body properly and hit my goal.

Strength Training

As I stated earlier, I was focused on strength training. I wanted to increase overall muscle mass. I was ready to go beyond circuit training and endurance training. Not that I stopped cardio exercise, but I noticed I was plateauing.  I needed something more challenging to get me to where I wanted to be. I started CrossFit. I signed up for an onboarding program, which introduced me to CrossFit. I scaled and modified my workouts and for a while, I only used the weight of the barbell or PVC, which at that time was perfect. CrossFit is one of the most challenging fitness programs for me, learning to be patient and using proper movements is an important and a big part of the challenge. However, there comes a day when it all starts to click, so take your time enjoy the challenge.

What’s My Favorite

I don’t only focus on one type of training. I incorporate Strength, Circuit, Flexibility, and Endurance training into my daily exercise programming by doing CrossFit. On any given day our coaches may program a WOD that includes a 3 RFQ warm-up, with a light 1mile run (my favorite on a brisk 20-degree morning in NH), throw in 20 minutes of power cleans, and wrap it up with an AMRAP with a 12-minute cap. Sounds brutal… maybe, but I love it.

Stop in and check out CrossFit TUFF’s different training programs and start reaching your personal goals with a fitness program that’s right for you.