Amazing things happen when a community comes together

The 2nd Annual CrossFit Tuff Row-a-thon to benefit the Nashua Special Olympics has since come and gone, and we are already gearing up for next year. It indeed was a fantastic event, which raised over $ 15,000.00, mostly due to a community that banded together. The commitment and generosity of vendors, volunteers, NSO athletes and everyone who rowed made this fundraiser successful.

What I took away from the day is this; for one I cannot begin to describe the energy that filled the gym. It was amazing. I don’t think we could have asked for any more excitement or friendly competition.

We had 15 teams of 10 rowers who were rowing with all their might to try and win the Golden Oar. The competition was fierce but fun. There were smiles and laughter and cheering each other to get one more pull in and then one more. We all had a stake in the game, yet everyone still encouraged each other and when the scoreboard showed who was getting closer to the finish the energy was kicked up a notch.

When some teams fell behind teams that finished rowing jumped in to help those who needed a break. How’s that for team-work. Get it Done!

However, what resonated with me was how everyone had a stake in the game. There were pats on the back, people running to get water for those rowing, the push out socially so our extended community could see what an amazing competition it was and those in the social sphere following the excitement and loving every minute of it as much as those who were there.

This event was more than just a gym thing; it was a community event.

We can't wait until next years event and would love to see more gyms and first responders from surrounding communities register and row for such a great cause.

Thanks for being part of something that is so much bigger than us. Your generosity, kindness, and commitment are what connects communities.