What Defines an Athlete - Determination, Spirit, & Camaraderie

What Defines an Athlete - Determination, Spirit, & Camaraderie

When we think of athletes, we might believe about individuals such as Phelps, Fraser or Linden. We consider these people to be top athletes based on their achievements, commitment, and perseverance. They don’t give up; they push through obstacles to achieve greatness. In my eyes, they deserve our respect and appreciation for everything they put into their training and the pure desire to reach their dreams.

Why My Box is the Best Box Ever Said, Everyone

I truly enjoy going to my gym every day. My son says I may have a slight problem. By the way, he goes to TUFF too. Matter of fact he’s the one who got me into CrossFit. So I guess he is sort of responsible for my problem, not that it’s really a bad problem to have.

Hold On Folks It’s About to Get Sappy

Recently, I had been struggling with my spot in life. We’ve all been there at one point or another, right? You know, career, relationships, everyday stuff. It built up and created frustration and anxiety. However,  I know that one of my saving graces is the time I get to spend in the gym, with the people who either tolerate me or truly get what I’m about. LOL, either way…thank you. It certainly is the best way for me to purge the bad ju-ju that can creep up on me. I view it as a kind of therapy really.

There have been days when I felt like walking out mid WOD because I couldn’t concentrate and my lifts were complete garbage, but then I realize there is someone behind me, helping me get through the workout. Simply by talking me through it, getting me out of my own way. And right after the WOD is over, all is right with my world. There’s a smile on my face and a feeling of accomplishment in my chest. I stayed, I pushed through and had the support I needed to get me there.

Many of these people I consider to be friends and then some. We support each other in many aspects of our lives. We may not be able to leave our baggage at the door every time we go to the gym and it’s comforting to know there are people there that have your back. Who genuinely care about what is going on in your life. You just don’t get that going to a place like Planet Fitness. It is something that can only be experienced within a community that is entirely connected.

Inspiration and Perspiration

I have learned so much from the people who go to CrossFit TUFF. They continuously share tips that enable you to connect the dots quicker. However, I realize that sometimes it isn’t only about mastering the movements or trusting the process, yes both are extremely important, I totally get that. But I am grateful to experience the importance of community, inspiration, motivation, and integrity.

I enjoy working out alongside these folks, who push each other and challenge each other to do more. I love seeing newbies get excited when they up their weight and gain confidence in their abilities. It’s an amazing feeling to know you may have helped someone get over a hurdle and get them to believe in themselves. You can see their drive increasing and with that so doesn’t yours.

Also, I am blown away by the generosity of our members who continuously contribute and participate in fundraising events, and commit their time and energy towards nonprofit organizations to help individuals and local communities improve their lifestyles and their futures.

Experiences that Matter

I have belonged to other gyms in the past so I guess I am fortunate enough that I can compare my experience at CrossFit TUFF with those other gyms. I can honestly say I have never felt such a connection with the coaches or the members at those gyms, as I do here at TUFF.

Sure, I had acquaintances at other gyms but it’s not quite the same. We never cheered each other on during workouts. At TUFF we stay until the last person finishes, and then we run a mile or two together after class.

At other gyms, there were no community competitions that we all could participate in together and man we get pretty excited when we see all those local events being posted. We never got together socially outside of the gym to play trampoline dodge-ball or hike the Wapak trail - 24 miles in 12 hours - and steal water out of some dude’s garden hose…oops.

Also, and mind you, this is a biggie - at TUFF I could count on someone to babysit my little mean dog when I went on vacation “just don’t look at him and you will be fine”.

All The Feels

If you already belong to a CrossFit gym, I bet you are thinking about the experiences you’ve had and how there really is no comparison. One of the things I like best about our CrossFit community is that it doesn’t stop at the door of our gym, it flows from box to box.

We support each other’s endeavors, celebrate one another’s achievements, and pick each other up when it’s needed. We are one source with a mission to change mind, body, and spirit. Do good, be good, feel good. Isn’t that what it’s all about.

If you don’t belong to a community like ours and this sounds amazing and trust me, it is please come check us out. We would love to cheer you on and have you inspire us to be better!

Author: Sharon P.